• Home

    Back at Old Sarum having lunch and happy about our trip. In total, with missing the Highlands and Islands and the Scilyl Isles, we flww for 19.1 hours in 7 days. Not too bad really. I think between us we’ve managed to rekindly Chris’ interest in flying (he spent 5 years in the air cadets) and he’s going to be lookin ginto taking it up. Excellent :) moto_0208.jpg
  • Thursday

    Woke up today to discover the promised trough had arrived early and our much waited for destination (the Scilly Isles) was now unreachable. Had an ‘interesting’ trip across the Severn hearing some others turning back mid way due to the sea fog / wierd cloud bank that was just offfshore. Was thankful for the radar service… Groped our way back through Devon and Somerset arriving back at our home field for lunch.
  • Happy campers

    Obviously we’re happy - we’re in the pub! Gorgeous flying following valleys through Welsh mountains to Swansea which was our overnight stop. moto_0206.jpg #1021
  • Mountains

    Lumpy bits south west of Carlisle. moto_0202.jpg #1020
  • Chris Has A Go

    Chris is having a go flying, check out the concentration, LOL. Actually, Chris was a great help to be fair, changing transponder codes, looking up stuff in Pooleys, cross checking the map and generally being useful. Thanks Chris! moto_0200.jpg #1019
  • Clouds

    Interesting lenticular clouds over the mountains near Carlisle. moto_0199.jpg #1018
  • Breakfast time in Carlisle

    We B&Bd it in Carlisle as the last time I was here we were all locked in with no facilities when the airport closed at night. Stayed at The Sands guest house which having a shower was just the job. Charlie, a senior developer from work, lives in Carlise so he very kindly ferried us from the airport to the guest house, then to the pub and back to the guest house.
  • Carlisle

    So, departed Fishburn to cross the mountains to Carlise, and half way enroute happened to read the Pooleys information for Carlisle to make a startling discovery - they closed at 1830, and that was in 25 minutes… Opened the tap some more which with a slight tailwind gave us a little over 100MPH across ground. Made it to Carlisle with zero seconds to spare - the tower broadcast they were closing the second I called final and the guy in the tower was out and away in his car before I’d even turned off the runway.
  • Onwards to Carlisle

    Stopped at Neverthorpe to refuel at �1.58 litre for the second trip North to Fishburn enroute Carlisle to catch the others up. Everybody is supposed to be there tonight. #1012
  • Monday continued

    The bombing range at Donna Nook was fairly active so we had a leisurely lunch and several teas and decided to pick a couple of short hops. Into North Moor (Scunthorpe) where Eric and wife made up very welcome. No landing fee and free tea to boot. Then we dropped into Coal Aston just South of Sheffield to camp. Walked through fields to the local Inn for dinner and then swam back as it had rained while we ate.