Our ETA is sometime around 2030, and as Andy has the faster machine we agree that he’ll go for it, dump his aircraft and gear and get to the pub and order food before they stop serving.

We’ve got about 100MPH over the ground with a fast cruise and actually get there only 8 minutes after Andy.

We park up with the owner watching and go over to say ‘hello’. A very nice chap too, though he is a little bemused that in the 30 seconds is took him to walk from the house, there was an aircraft there and nobody around! We ‘fess up that he was under instructions to leg it to the pub, and all is well.

The owner turns out to be an IT consultant who works for the Jersey government. He commutes to work in a twin Piper Seneca he keeps at his strip, which takes 50 minutes. Wow.

Considering that ‘The Book’ says there are zero facilities at this strip (we were getting desperate after all) we’re well pleased to find there is a washroom complete with shower, Result.

Time for the pub.