• Hello North Coates

    The boys at North Coates. I must remember to take my shades with me to stop some serious squinting. moto_0192.jpg #1010
  • Monday

    Taxi driver who drove us back last night offered to drive up into Grimsby as a favour - for free! Bought a car charger and mains charger for my lost mobile phone one (it’s a Motorola and nobody had one) for a tenner the pair - result! Now to decide where to next. #1009
  • Off Piste

    Plan B we decided was to go somewhere the sun is shining… Went South down the east coast past Hartleypool, Whitby and Scarborough into Eddsfield about 10 miles north of Driffield. A nice sunny day and lovely views. After lunch went on to North Coates just along the coast from Grimsby. Nice walk along the beach and then discovered the bonus of a hot shower included in the landing fee of three quid!
  • Sunday

    Spent most of the day deciding on a plan with the rain more on than off. The original plan was into Scotland for the Highlands and Islands, but the forecast was awful. Most pressed on but we decide we weren’t heroic enough, so time for ‘Plan B’. #1007
  • Saturday

    Despite a rude awakening at silly o’clock in the morning by several of the group getting an early start, we didn’t manage to get away until 1000. Battled a headwind to Netherthorpe dodging heavy showers all the way. Got fuel and crisps and on to Fishburn, landing on a crazy runway - amazing undulations! Shortly afterwards the rain started and rarely stopped. Camped in the lubhouse, nice and dry :-)
  • Oops, best laid plans

    How annoying is it when you carefully pack everything you need at home only to find at some remote place your phone charger is missing… Very. One 40 quid taxi fair into grimsby later and I have a new one. Now to catch up with what we’ve been up to! #1005
  • Wet wet wet

    A nice hours run from Sywell to Neverthorpe. Interesting trip to Fishburn dodging showers all over the place but excellent service from all the radar equipped stations. Took exactly 2 hours from Neverthorpe. Then it rained. And then rained some more. Very kindly somebody has left a trough directly overhead and it’s slow moving… 8 of us decided to not be heroes like the rest and are staying here tonight ready for an early morning departure to catch up.
  • Arrived Sywell (Northampton)

    Positioning flight to Sywell against a good 20 knot headwind took 90 minutes for an average speed of 60. Very warm welcome with no landing fee. Tent up and currently in the bar with a beer :-) blowing a gale here due to be better tomorrow which is handy as tomorrow we have over 300 miles to go… moto_0191.jpg #1002
  • Inverness Update

    It’s just been announced that Inverness Airport have given us all a free landing which is a saving of about �16, due to the charity work Fly-UK does. Well done Inverness! That brings the total number of airfields supporting this years Fly-UK by offering free landings to 11, including (in no particular order) Sywell, Netherthorpe, Strathaven, Culbokie, Plockton, Glenforsa, Haverfordwest, Swansea, St. Marys and Sutton Meadows. Nice - thanks guys!
  • T-shirts

    This morning a pair of t-shirts arrived, one for me and one for my co-pilot, plus a subtle sticker. Cheers Tom… moto_0190.jpg #1000