Thursday morning. Fog and mist, and we can almost touch the clouds. Great, what happened to the forecast which was great yesterday? Ah, a low over Ireland is now pushing into the High which has been sat over Southern England all week, and the converging air masses are over Cornwall.

Yeah, cheers for that. Time for the pub!

We sit around the pub drinking coffee and orange juice (not together!) with the odd look at the new forecast and phone call to various places. The Scillies and Lands End are fogged in an there’s not much joy to read in the forecast.

We have lunch at the pub.

The cloudbase and the Scillies and Lands End has lifted to a whopping 300 feet. While some people may be happy to go 22 miles to a little island 2 miles long at a couple off hundred feet above the sea, none of us are that ‘brave’. We decide that we’ll head home instead.