• Tuesday - Cromer

    Landed at Cromer in Norfolk, a very popular stip for microlights run by Chris Gurney, a helpful chap. Had more tea (there’s lots of tea in microlighting :) a good chap with the resident instructor Gordon, fuelled up and onwards to Clipgate Farm in deepest Kent. #1074
  • Tuesday - Beverley

    Here we are at Beverley airfield. Nice field with friendly people. we only managed some crisps and Coke for food though, so I boiled up one of my expedition food packs - the Lamb Pilaf 3was rather pleasant actually. We met a Sport Cruiser flown by Alastair (I think) and Lana. Nice looking machine, and certainly speedy. This was an LAA variant rated at 730kg or around there. It was a very warm day so we dossed about in the shade under the wings for a bit, and then left for Cromer.
  • Tuesday

    Today we’re going to Beverley, then Cromer where we’ll stop for lunch. It’s due to be scorchio today so we may spend a few hours at Cromer relaxing. Not sure where after that, but down the East coast for sure. #1072
  • Mo

    Weather good for tomorrow! IMAG0180.jpg #1071
  • Fishburn

    Arrived at Fishburn an hour earlier than estimated. Blimey. Nice tailwind had our speed over the ground in excess of 110MPH. I like this place. Been here before and always get a great reception. James got his Mum to come down from Newcastle to drive us to the local pub - thanks Mrs C! Town is Sedgefield - Tony B Liar’s old constituency. IMAG0179.jpg #1070
  • Cumbria

    This is the TV antenna for Cumbria. An absolute monster at 1985 feet above sea level (1035 above groiund). IMAG0177.jpg #1069
  • Castle Kennedy

    Landed at Castle Kennedy under an hour later, and old disused WW2 aerodrome where 600M of the old broken up surface has been resurfaced. Part of the Stair estate, Lord Stair actually met us and fetched us fuel in jerry cans from the local petrol station. A very nice chap indeed. This was just a brief fuel stop, so we were off an hour later for Fishburn. #1067
  • Glenforsa to Arran

    Woke up Monday morning at Glenforsa to rubbish weather. Sigh. That is the thing with the Scottish islands, all four seasons in one day. After lunch the cloudbase had lifted to somewhere around 2000 feet - enough to safely depart although a coastal route would be needed as there are rather large lumps of granite inland. When we got to the Southern end of Arran, the clouds gave way to blue skies and sun.
  • Glenforsa

    Here we are at Glenforsa. The airstrip is right next to the Hotel so we elect to stay in one of the log built rooms and get a hot shower… Friendly welcome, and landing fee just over a tenner. Will decide what to do tomorrow… IMAG0171.jpg #1064