Carlise is one of Eddie Stobart’s airports and is fairly large with plenty of jet traffic. It was disapointing that they locked the place up so we campers didn’t even had a toilet to use until it opened up in the morning…

The landing at Carlisle was generously free as Fly-UK is a fund raising event for the chosen charity - this year the Leukemia Research Fund. The parking was not however so we left after forking out 20 odd quid. Ouch.

Left at 1015 routing via Dumfries, Kilmarnock then out over the nuclear power station and via Bute (didn’t land there with the others as I didn’t feel we’d get off the short strip with the performance we had) and Loch Gilp into Oban (North Connell). The lochs and islands on the way were fantastic even on this dull grey day!

First to arrive at Oban just after 3pm for a nice leisurly afternoon after a mere 141 miles - 4 and a half hours later.

The flying club there has a very nice clubhouse partly (or is that mostly) funded by the National Lottery fund. Helpful guys all round.

The weather monster was after us now, and we knew we’d get stuck somewhere, just a question of where! There was a massive weather system to the North of Scotland heading South, and another one down South heading North.

Decided we’d take a road trip to Dornoch, so left Bob happy with the tent to himself and departed to a B&B.