As you all know by now, we arrived back in Bunbury on Sun. The last flight was in good conditions but was slightly surreal as we flew over the port of Freemantle (from where the container will be shipped) and Rockingham (where we spent the first few days after our arrival here in January). As we approached Bunbury we were met in the air by Brian in his RV6 who still hasn’t learnt to fly the right way up. Thanks to all the friendly familiar faces there to greet us as we all arrived.

Since Sunday we have been busy preparing the jeep and planes for shipping and doing interviews for the local media (we have even been on tv though we managed to miss seeing the broadcast). We’ve even found time for a few beers.

Today (Wed) we loaded the container in readiness for its return journey to the UK. The euphoria of completing is now being replaced with a sense of deflation as the realisation of a return to normal life sinks in.=20

We would all like to thank everyone we have met on our travels who has helped, supported & encouraged us. Hopefully everyone who has followed the trip on this website has enjoyed it - keep watching as we hope to add more photos and stats of the trip at a later date. Keith, Jim & John=

Comment by keith (2002-04-26 03:49:46)
Thanks guys,

The trip was made extra special by the hospitality of yourselves and many others around the country, and we’ll never forget it.



Comment by John (2002-04-28 07:59:27)
Looking forward to sharing the stories & pictures. As for whats next - regretably it’s going to be finding a job ! At least until the next trip ;-)

Comment by John (2002-04-28 08:02:51)
I’m not sure it was that easy ;-) But the support & encouragement we receievd everywhere we went definately helped so thanks to everybody for that. Hopefully we’ll get some more images on the web once we’re back home. Cheers John

Comment by John (2002-04-28 08:05:55)
Couldn’t have managed it without the support of you guys at Bunbury ! Encore involves the grim prospect of employment unfortunately (at least in the short term). Thanks again for everything John

Comment by PeterDavis-_Zoy_Boyz (2002-04-24 11:18:22)
Just a note to congratulate you all on your epic journey - hope that you don’t get too deflated when you get back here in Blighty and maybe see you at Popham ?

Comment by jim (2002-05-01 07:09:35)
Thanks Pete,
See you at Popham
cheers for now

Comment by Paul_Jackson (2002-04-24 20:08:35)
Well done everyone. That is a staggering achievement. It seems to have passed quite quickly from here.
Come back now - its spring!

Comment by John (2002-04-28 07:54:45)
Not flown for a week now & I’m getting withdrawal symtoms after doing so much aviating. So I’m looking forward to getting back to some British flying ! CU soon John

Comment by Ross (2002-04-24 21:47:06)
But looking at the map/route, I think you missed a bit out….
See you when you get back John and well done.

Comment by John (2002-04-28 08:07:08)
Missed a bit ??? Damn better go back for a second lap then !
CU soon John

Comment by Tom_Grieve (2002-04-25 16:15:15)
Well done lads, now empty your container and fly through the middle bit……..6 months from now you’ll wish you had ……trust me.

Comment by John (2002-04-28 08:08:44)
Already am wishing that plus we missed out Tassi etc etc !
Good luck with your trip - John

Comment by jb (2002-04-26 08:35:42)
Well done to all of you. Ive booked you to give a talk at the Midland Microlight Club to tell us all about it! Well done once again

Comment by John (2002-04-28 07:52:53)
Blimey I’ll be opening supermarkets next ;-) CU soon John

Comment by Darren_J_Longhorn (2002-04-26 10:16:31)
Congrats on completing your trip, from all of us still at Pace…

Comment by John (2002-04-28 07:51:01)
Cheers - looking forward to catching up with you soon. John

Comment by Dave_Jarvis (2002-04-26 11:41:17)
Nice one lads, congratulations on your endeavour, am looking forward to your book serialisations in the papers. In the time you completed your trip I managed to prepare for and sit my civils (I sat them yesterday but I would have much preferred to swap places with you lot). Civils seemed to go ok, but then I thought it did 1st time. Looking forward to seeing you guys when you return. So what is the next trip?

Comment by keith (2002-04-29 16:58:13)
Thankyou Dave.
I’d just like to say to any examiner reading this that I thinkDavid is a fine upstanding chap who would be a credit to the Institution.
Too tired at the moment to think of the the next trip. Will see you all soon.


Comment by Rachel (2002-04-29 22:02:34)
John, Graham says please can you bring home a young Roo. We need it to jump on all the molehills on the runway! Thanks. See you soon :)

Comment by John (2002-05-01 05:58:50)
I’ll see what I can do ;-) If Graham thinks he’s got problems with moles he ought to see the mess wombats make of a runway. Or termite mounds ! CU soon John

Comment by bob (2003-01-10 21:23:39)
Sorry anyone, just testing something

Comment by Colin_The_Polite_Engineer (2002-05-03 12:40:31)
Opps, sorry, but have not been checking web site so often at mo. Sarah’s replacment has gone (or was he pushed?) therefore being kept busy doing two jobs.
Once again well done and hopefully met up for a drink or two soon. Hope the suzuki is ok.

Comment by Peter_Lucas (2002-06-22 11:16:45)
I know I am a bit slow but I have found your page at last by surfing around. I am glad to see you finished safe and well. When I had dinner with you blokes at the Somerville Hotel you were not even half way.