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Wednesday - Compton Abbas

From FlyUK2010
2010-06-26 11:30:16

We get into Compton Abbas about 1700.

The plan is to carry on down into Cornwall tonight to Lands End airfield
where we'll stay the night, ready for a 22 mile hop across the sea to the
Scilly Isle. And this is where things start coming apart. It will be a good
couple of hours from here to Lands End and as usual we ring our destination
to check there is nothing unusual going on.

Oh, wait. They are going to close in 45 minutes although 'The Book' says
sunset. That's torn it.

There's always Perranporth, also open until sunset. Same story. Then it
dawns on us that we have all been reading this wrong since the beginning of
time - '0800-1800 or SS' is whichever is EARLIER, not later, to take into
account the Winter darkness. Oops.

Newquay also closing. This isn't looking great so far. We try all the
private strips - lots of no-answers, some not after 2000 hours, some with
crazy 200m strips, but eventually we find somebody at Sheepwash Farm who
seems quite laid back. Sheepwash it is!

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